Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across Australia as the traditional custodians of our shared lands, waters and seas.

We recognise their unique ability to care for Country and their deep spiritual connection with Country.

We honour Elders past and present, whose knowledge and wisdom will ensure the continuation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and the values which uphold them.


“GDstudia is a design focused, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design studio delivering innovative, challenging, coordinated and unique landscape solutions…”

GDstudia was established in 2004. Supported with a strong growth strategy, the company has continued to evolve with like-minded Landscape Architects who are passionate and enthusiastic about the best outcome for clients, the community, and the natural environment. An award-winning Landscape Architecture firm, we are focused on best practice design principles and flexible service, whilst still pushing the boundaries of innovation.

GDstudia embraces new technology and strives to deliver unique and creative solutions that result in benchmark projects, positively affecting the lives of users. Our focus on integrating new software packages into our 3D modelling capabilities providing our clients with precise simulations (not just an artistic impression) of our designs, gives us an edge to our competitors.

“Our philosophy is simple, we are people focused…”

Our collaborative design approach is client centric, with the company focused on creating a positive experience that instills trust for long term relationships. GDstudia is focused on reliability and flexible service that is coordinated, on time, and on budget. We regularly undertake work for DIT, local government, urban development, and commercial sectors. Our role in urban development and local government projects has strengthened and consolidated the company’s position as a creative landscape architecture firm.

The GDstudia Difference

“Our clients get to experience the value of a fully coordinated Landscape Architectural plan, significantly reducing client project management time and the potential for costly variations and overall project costs…”

One of our greatest strengths is our internal multi-disciplinary offerings, delivering high quality and well-integrated outcomes. The experience and knowledge gained from working alongside engineers every day, gives our Landscape Architects unrivaled experience to better coordinate with other disciplines.

GDstudia can also provide clients with an integrated design team for projects, with access to Civil, Lighting and Electrical, and Transport Engineering. Our collaborative way of working allows our integrated teams to have an open dialogue, allowing rigorous interrogation of design decisions and site issues, providing greater value for our clients and smoother delivery of unique and well-designed solutions.