Tonsley Village

  • Urban Development
  • Recreational open space
  • Shared use paths
  • Stormwater design
  • Streetscape design
  • Urban design

Tonsley Village, an 11 Hectare residential development providing a mix of both high and medium density housing is located within the award-winning Tonsley Innovation District. GDstudia & GREENHILL assisted PEET with all aspects of delivery for the development from the project’s inception through the feasibility and development approval phase to the detailed design and delivery of the landscape design and civil infrastructure.

The project involved a large amount of geotechnical and environmental remediation and bulk earthworks in order to prepare the site for the residential development. The high density of the residential development has meant GDstudia & GREENHILL had to undertake a high level of integration and coordination between the civil engineering and landscape design through both the design and construction phases.

ClientPEET Limited
Project RoleLandscape Architect
EngineersGREENHILL Civil