Stebonheath Road

  • Streetscapes
  • On street parking
  • Shared use paths
  • Stormwater management
  • Street lighting
  • Streetscape design
  • WSUD

GDstudia and GREENHILL provided the Landscape Architecture design and Civil Engineering documentation for a large portion of Stebonheath Road.

GDstudia managed the design and preliminary layout with special consideration given to the road, median, and verge alignments including the location and design of protuberances. The design focused on desired traffic conditions such as delineating parking lanes, delineating the edge of the bike lane, defining the single carriageway, landscape plantings), street lighting, water sensitive urban design, and new stormwater infrastructure with a connection to the Bikedirect Network to Anzac Highway.

LocationDavoren Park
ClientThe City of Playford
Project RoleLandscape Architect