Clayton Church Homes

  • Health and Aged Care
  • Aged care facilities
  • Community gardens
  • Custom arbors
  • Sensory gardens

The project consisted of four separate areas, a sensory garden, courtyard, outdoor cafe area, and residence garden. Care was given in each area to ensure accessibility and comfort for residents while using the spaces. Increased shade and seating areas were included in each area to promote the residents to come outside. The courtyard, cafe area, and residence garden have space for residents to make the area ‘their own’ with additional pot plants.

The sensory garden promotes a sensory experience for the user. A variety of planting types were used to be familiar to residents and often found within their own gardens. Other plants promoted a textural experience and or smell. Visually pretty plants with brightly coloured flowers were also used to make the space feel welcoming and happy.

ClientBrown Falconer for Clayton Church Homes
Project RoleLandscape Architect